Scorpio Syrians
  Golden Hamsters

Neelix - 21st August 2006
Star Sign: LEO

Neelix's claim to fame is that he appears on the Northern Hamster Club badge  and is now also the Scorpio Syrians 'logo' hamster.  He is a golden hamster but carries the black gene.  The fame hasn't gone to his head (lol) he's a real sweetheart!

Amadeus - 24th May 2007
Star Sign: GEMINI

Amadeus is a rather lovely Golden hamster, carrying cinnamon and black.  He has done very well on the showbench coming first in his class on several occasions and he has won Best Opposite Sex at three shows.  He has fathered several litters both here and at other hamsteries.  Oh, and he is a lovely cuddly bundle too!
bEBella - 3rd June 2007
Star Sign: GEMINI

Bella is one of my 'pure bred' Goldens, she has never been shown but has given birth to two litters of beautiful babies and has been a top notch Mum on both occasions.

Henrietta - 24th September 2007
Star Sign: LIBRA

Bella is a really fiesty girl who seems to like to pee on judges at shows!  She is a Golden Dominant Spot Torte so perhaps it's the Yellow gene that makes her temperamental - who knows!

Jupiter - 7th February 2008

Jupiter is the son of Xanthe and Xena and although still young is shaping up to be just as good as his Mum and Dad.  Only time will tell whether he will do as well at show as they have.
photo to follow Nikkita - 21st August 2006
Star Sign - LEO

Nikkita is the sister of Neelix so also carries the Black gene.  She is the mother of Vixen and Vienna who both turned out to be 'pure' Golden and were the start of the Carrington pure Golden lines.
Xanthe - 21st March 2007
Star Sign: AIRES

Xanthe is a big Golden who has done well at shows winning the class on a couple of occasions.  He has also proved himself to be an excellent stud male and sired some lovely babies.

Zeus - 16th May 2007
Star Sign: TAURUS

Zeus is another of my 'pure bred' males but his head when young was a little narrow so I haven't bred from him as yet.  He's a lovely cuddly fellow though so we love him here.

photo to follow Yowie - 24th March 2007
Star Sign: ARIES

What can I say about Yowie?  Well he was a huge hamster who did well on the show bench, that is until he discovered females!  Ever since his first mating he his only interest is women!  He now has to live with the older hamsters where there are no females of breeding age otherwise he just doesn't eat!
photo to follow Poppy - 5th November 2006
Star Sign - SCORPIO

Poppy is a bit of an old lady these days so is most definitely retired.  She is a Golden carrying dark grey which means she is a bit on the small size for showing and so never did that well at shows.
Vixen - 9th January 2007
photo to follow Vienna - 9th January 2007
photo to follow
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