Scorpio Syrians
Black Hamsters

Mario - 15th August 2006
Star Sign: LEO

Mario carries the Rust gene (aaBb) so isn't a pure black hamster.  In this photo he is 20 months old and still looking good!

Eclipse -
Star Sign:

Eclipse was bred by Tristar Hamstery and is a pure black hamster (aa) bred from Golden lines.  She is currently raising a litter of 6 following a mating to Mario.
Jasmine - 7th February 2008

Jasmine is Xena's daughter and another pure black hamster.  I think she looks a lot like her Mum, let's hope she does as well at future shows.

Xena - 21st March 2007
Star Sign - PISCES

Xena is now one of my older black hamsters.  She has done really well in shows (2nd overall last time out) and has also had two litters, both producing lovely babies.  Now one year old, she still looks great and will continue to appear on the showbench.

Shaula - 18th March 2006
Star Sign: PISCES

Shaula was the first pure Black hamster at my hamstery.  She was bred by Tristar Hamstery and is related to all my other black hamsters in some way or another.  Shaula passed away from old age.

RIP Shaula - 20/04/08 - my lovely Black girl, I miss you!

Humbug - 24th September 2007
Star Sign: VIRGO

Sadly Humbug is no longer with us.  She died after pregnancy complications and will be sadly missed.

RIP Humbug - 19/05/08 - my beautiful Tortoiseshell girl.

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